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What Waiting Looks Like

I remember when I was younger thinking or feeling the thought of “someday…” a lot, but for those older and wiser, you know that dreaming of “someday…” is not the same as preparing today. I’ve been thinking more about this recently, as I watch a younger friend of mine graduate from high school. She has a lot of the same desires as me: missions, church ministry, outreach, and discipleship. The main difference that I see in her from me at that age is she is trying to prepare for those things by getting involved at a young age.
When you pursue a job or a career, you prepare by schooling and getting jobs in that area, no matter how insignificant, and then working up by experience and meeting the right people. The same thing should apply to those interested in ministry, though one problem is getting involved in a church is not a job that pays. Finding a job that does pay, often pulls you away from getting involved at church because of time restraints and other factors, which is something I…

Finally, Prayer Letter is OUT!

Dear Friends,April 10, 2016
Thank you so much for your prayers for me leading up to this point. I am so excited for the opportunity to serve the Lord in Mexico with New Tribes Missions next school year and to see what God will be doing in my life. God has been doing a good work in me. He has been teaching me a lot about what faith in Him looks like, and Him calling me to Mexico feels a lot like a test! As an update, I will be going to Sanford, FL for training from June 20-29. I will return after that to Maine to finish preparations, and then I will be heading to Chihuahua City, Mexico late July. I will be teaching a sixth grade class there at Colegio Binimea, an NTM school. I am finishing my Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education, and I still am feeling terrified of the responsibility of being a teacher! There are a lot of unknowns at this point, and I am taking a step of faith. God has increasingly proven to me that He is calling me to this mission, which just means that He i…

Shout Out to Mrs. Strout!

Today is a big day for me! I have just completed the last leg to my Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education degree: student teaching. I prayed a lot about my placement, and God answered that prayer in a very good way. Every part of this placement addressed gaps in my knowledge and ability level, and the teacher I was working with, Nancy Strout, was such an amazing example and teacher to me. Her strengths were my exact weaknesses, so through her teaching I was able to be stretched and grow as a teacher.
This was no accident! God cares about the details in our lives. Tonight my pastor was talking about Joshua’s prayer to God, asking Him to make the sun and the moon stand still to give him a longer day time to completely defeat God’s enemies, and God did it! (Joshua 10) As I was praising God for this year and completing this degree, I realized in a way God had extended my time of preparation and learning, similar to Joshua. Last summer I prayed that God would give me one year’s e…