Throwing Out the Fleece – Part 2

To continue my thought on throwing out a fleece, it took a lot of faith to make the decision to follow God’s leading into missions, but now that I’ve made the decision, it is taking a lot of faith that God is going to get me there! In today’s economy, following and obeying God can be limited by funds.

Part of following God for me has been faithfully being wise with money and spending in years leading up to this point. I point this out, because if I had gotten into debt in college or during my master’s degree, I would not be able to go to Mexico this coming year. I made a personal goal of leaving each degree debt free, and it took a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and humility. The only reason I was able to do so was with the wise counsel from my more experienced family members. I am SO thankful that God laid that on my heart back when I was 18, and that alone was part of His preparation in my life for today.

Prepared. Debt free. Now my next step is raising support. This is where the faith comes in. I don’t see how anyone can like raising support, except, it opens up an opportunity of blessing. For the months August through May, I am praying to raise $2018 a month. It feels like a lot! But I go back to Gideon’s life.

Gideon, after deciding to follow God’s leading, was called by God to go up against the camp of Midian, where the soldiers were described as “locusts in abundance” in Judges 7:12. With that many enemies, you would think that Gideon would want as many people as possible in his army. God told him that he had too many people though and to send away any man that was fearful. 22,000 men left and only 10,000 remained! That is a huge difference…but God said he still had too many men. God told Gideon to take the men to the water as a test. Whoever drank the water by lapping the water would be kept, and anyone else would be sent home. With that final test, only 300 men were left to fight with Gideon. The number of men would make the battle seem impossible, but God had called Gideon to the battle. Needless to say, God won the battle with 300 men against a group innumerable! When God calls you to faith and obedience, He already knows the outcome. Numbers are not what matters, but rather God’s hand at work. God is in control!


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