Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye has never been an easy thing for me. In fact my theory throughout high school and most of college was to just not do it. I figured if I never said goodbye then it was assumed and people would realize I planned on seeing them again. I managed to hurt others and also myself by running away from tearful goodbyes, leaving relationships with no closure or affirmation of how important certain people have been to me. 

As I’ve gotten older, it has become increasingly important to me to affirm others who have impacted my life in some way. Last summer God taught me more about the importance of goodbyes when He brought me through a season of death, when 3 very loved grandparents passed away within a very short amount of time. Leaving for Mexico, thankfully, is not as final, but in a way it feels it. When I come back, I will never fit here exactly the way I fit in now, and I’m praying that I fit even better. Either way, saying goodbye to my church family, who I love beyond what I could possibly put into words, feels a lot like saying goodbye to my life, my ministry, and my identity for the past 2 years. My pastor and his wife and other older mentors here have been the most encouraging role models for me to mimic as I continue in my life ministry.

Since I’ve moved to Maine, I’ve wanted to grow personally, build bridges for others, disciples teen girls, and reach out to the unsaved that God brings me in contact with. I’ve been able to minister to my family, graduate from my master’s degree as a teacher, teach two amazing classes under wonderful teacher mentors, be a part of my cousin’s wedding, play piano for my church, conquer my fear of fish, and so much more! 

On one hand, leaving is hard, and I’m crying just thinking about not being involved here. On the other hand, I have a desire and passion driving me to grow closer to God and better learn how to disciple, teach, and witness to others. I’m not sure yet why God is calling me the direction He’s bringing me, or where I’ll end up in the long run, but I do know that I need to follow God in order to grow to be more like Him in my ministry wherever I end up. So for that, I am thankful! 

One of the ministries closest to my heart over the past 2 years has been discipling my teen girls. I love them with all my heart!! And me leaving is just an extension of my ministry to them, considering I plan to stay in very close contact with each one of them. They keep me accountable to God’s Word, and they have kickstarted my ministry plans from dreams to an actuality. I’m going to miss my weekly hugs and Dunkin Donut runs with all of you!! Including the ones I failed to get pictures with (taking pictures is not my strong point in life). 
Sunday girls' discipleship group and accountability partners!
I will miss our group, Holly and Sakira!

Katelynn, Hannah, and the Shorettes :)
the Most Fun Family

Ivy the Confidant 

Evangel the Favorite and Cousin :)
Holly, my best Partner in Ministry

Alyssa the little Sister
Sofia the good Hugger
Leah the best Friend
Zoe the Diamond in the Rough


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