God is so good. When I look back over my life, to be honest it doesn’t feel like I should have an army of supporters to help me fulfill God’s calling. With that said, my support levels for this trip to Mexico are going through the roof (in a good way)!! I still can’t believe that this is happening so quickly! I basically raised support for this trip in two months.
I am going to miss home!

My one thought on giving support is that it helps individuals be involved in God’s work. Since I’ve been raising support, I’ve been aware of the type of things that people usually give money towards. I think of the horrific attacks in France, and the amazing response from people around the world. Closer to home, I think of the attack in Orlando, and the massive amounts of selfless giving of time and money to help survivors. Even more personal, I’ve been watching strangers give over and over to help support some friends after a personal tragedy that happened in May. 

And then there’s me. I’m following God’s leading, and my church family and friends have surrounded me with more prayer and financial support than I could have ever hoped for.

This is a difficult time in our economy, and when I see people being as supportive as they possibly can, it just reconfirms God’s calling in my brain. My prayer now is that I can be used by God in such a way as to bless my supporters and encourage them to pursue God’s will more than ever before. 

I will be your arms to reach people you cannot reach. 

My support is coming in. My ticket is bought. My time in Maine is wrapping up. I am doing my best to be ready and to be obedient to God’s calling.

Thank you to my supporters! 



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