From Maine to Mexico

The desert and mountains lasted for about 4 hours until we reached our destination.
This is my first post from Mexico, and I am glorifying God for making it here! Crossing the boarder went relatively easy. Once we crossed, we entered into a desert. Not the type of desert with beautiful sand dunes and constantly crusted over eyes from sand, but rather the type of desert with miles of flat land speckled with ugly brush that is usually brown, though almost could be considered green at the moment since it is rainy season. At the moment I have been re-reading the book The Secret Garden, and looking at the desert reminded me of the moor that Dickon loved so much and made come alive for everyone else who did not understand its beauty. Sadly, I did not see any Dickons out on this moor. Though I did see a lot of pecan orchards and farms, which I would love to learn more about!

Miles away at the end of the expanse were massive mountains that followed us throughout the country. I love watching them! I liken mountains to a campfire, because they draw everyone’s eyes. I end up staring at them for long amounts of time mesmerized. The other thing that I enjoyed watching was the dust devils or little dirt tornados. At any given moment looking out, I would count 3-7 of them at once just scattered over the expanse. That is something that we do not have in Maine. In fact, this is the polar opposite from Maine’s green forests and numerous lakes.

My apartment here is so lovely! So thankful!
Getting to my apartment was so exciting! It is in the parking lot of the school I will be teaching in. I have an amazing roommate, Connie, who is from Canada and shares a very similar culture to mine in Maine, so we have been enjoying getting to know each other. We have an excellent living space with a washer, dryer, well stalked kitchen, and our own bathrooms. We live maybe a 10 minute’s walk away from a grocery store. Grocery shopping anywhere, America as well as every country I’ve been to, has always been my personal demise and struggle. Thankfully Connie will teach me how it works here in Mexico.

Yesterday, we were able to go with our downstair neighbors to their church. I am in full mode to learn Spanish now, just so I can begin to get something out of church and meet more friends. Then, we were very exotic and ate lunch at…Denny’s. I was very amused by that, but it was excellent food and made me feel connected to my family. 

I was going to share my two prayer requests, but I was too slow, because God already answered one! When I got here, wifi was spotty, and I was struggling keeping in contact with my family. I prayed for a quick answer so I could connect with my family better, and by the end of yesterday we were given access to unlimited, high speed internet at an excellent cost! That is a huge praise, and I am so thankful for how fast and easy God provided that need.

My ongoing prayer request at this point is that God blesses my linguistic abilities. I will be working very hard to start learning Spanish, and thankfully I am finding it has a lot of similarities to other languages I have studied. I have never been very good at communicating in English, let alone a 2nd language. Please pray God opens my brain to language so I can further ministry here! Thankfully, Connie is also learning, and she is further along in the process than me and is a huge help. 

Again, I am just thankful to finally be here and to begin ministering! Thank you for prayers, emails, and encouragement to me over this past week. What could have been a very difficult week, has actually been an extremely fun and joyful time for me. THANKFUL for that!
Sunsets here are very different! Maine is the top picture if you couldn't figure that out. 

My travel friend crossing the boarder. :)


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