Transfixed on Sixth

My classroom is great. I keep meaning to write an update, but then I keep putting it off one more day to better share about my first week. Next thing I know, it's Friday! 

First day of class is always a stressful day. From my perspective more stressful for the teacher than the students! I was feeling the weight of responsibility to make sure my kids felt comfortable, welcomed, challenged, happy, and so many other things, whereas for the students they just have to get the day over and survive it. 

Well, we all survived! I love my kids. I have eight 6th grade students, and we are growing at a fast rate through this week. One way is just growing closer as we figure out and set the class dynamic. We are a giggly and fun class for the most part. The other area we are growing in is responsibility. This is my class’s last year before middle school, where things will be getting a lot more difficult. So we are starting to do things the big kids do.

I might have mentioned Felix once or I was thrilled
when my first "teacher" art given to me was about
Felix as a baby. :) (He's the fat, black one.)

Before my students arrived, I made a little section
to welcome them in.
The first day of school, they all made their bees
prospectively, and I just LOVE how individualized
they all are!

Here are the four corners of my room. This was taken before students came, and it seems to have filled up a little since I took these pictures. 

Competitive Tic-Tac-Toe is a great way to practice algebra. 

Our first science experiment! I have an inquisitive
class that is going to keep me on my toes. :)

Here is a foldable we made to learn about how to make
complex sentences using subordinating conjunctions.
They almost have it! You can imagine
how hard this is for anyone, let alone when English
is your 2nd language. 


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