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Day of Remembrance

Just a year ago now, I lost 3 of my grandparents within about a 3-month time frame, and today I’m celebrating my birthday without my birthday buddy, Cherish, who has been in heaven for 11 years now. Time is weird. On one hand, it feels like it has been an eternity without these loved ones. On the other hand, it feels like just yesterday I was with them and talking with them.
I miss them all so much. Cherish would be turning 13 this year! That was the age I was turning when she was born! I remember getting that phone call in the principal’s office like it was yesterday. I credit a lot of who I am to my grandparents, all of whom showed me how to live out a Christian life through some of the most difficult life circumstances. A year ago today was the final stretch for my Grandfather Huntress. Thankful he is in heaven with Grammy now.
I’m so thankful for their lives. I’m thankful for the time we had together. I’m thankful for the impact that God let them all make on my life, and I really …

My Heart

Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine way back in junior high on music. All I really remember is being lectured. I don’t actually remember what was said. Something about having loose standards.
Before you start wondering about my standards at that point, they were basically whatever my parents told me was OK, so this particular person was trying to take her Christianity up one more notch than me. The reason why I was thinking about this conversation recently is that this particular friend has now turned away from the Lord and is living by a completely different set of rules.
My list of friends that grew up “Christian” and in “good” families that have now turned away from the Lord is not exactly a short list. Over time, this reality has just become more co…

Break Time!

This week has been a nice break off from school. I want to say that it has been restful, but I don't think I can quite go that far. It has been a fun week though! To catch up a little since my last post, last week was SEW (spiritual enrichment week), and we had a blast. The speaker for the elementary served with her family in Papua New Guinea for a few years before coming to Mexico, so we learned a lot about Papua New Guinea and how we can follow God no matter where we are. I personally LOVED the challenge, and pretty sure the kids loved learning about PNG as well as the challenge. I led the music, which was a little difficult to do with a cold and 8 am in the morning, but I was encouraged overall by how loud the kids sang. We also had some crafts, and I helped with the shirt decorating craft. It was messy, but as you can see, the kids did a fabulous job.

After SEW, I had signed up for a ladies' retreat connected with the church I've been attending here. I would like to sa…

Classroom Update

Things have been going so well at school! My kids are such a blessing to me. They are extremely funny, but they are also tender hearted. It means so much to have my kids want to talk and learn and laugh with me. School has been so busy, but I try to take time for those little conversations that happen within a day, because they encourage me more than anything! I have created a “party jar”, which the class has to work as a team to earn cotton balls in (I haven’t been able to find any pom poms here). When the jar is full of cotton balls, CLASS PARTY! It started off with a bang, and students will probably be earning us a class party in about 2 weeks. Can't wait!
The other thing that I created (with the help of my students) was this stop light with magnetic lights to change out. It is meant to help students stay aware of their noise level. Today when my students were talking at a point they really should not have been talking, I stood up and was in the middle of my reminder when they a…