Break Time!

This week has been a nice break off from school. I want to say that it has been restful, but I don't think I can quite go that far. It has been a fun week though! To catch up a little since my last post, last week was SEW (spiritual enrichment week), and we had a blast. The speaker for the elementary served with her family in Papua New Guinea for a few years before coming to Mexico, so we learned a lot about Papua New Guinea and how we can follow God no matter where we are. I personally LOVED the challenge, and pretty sure the kids loved learning about PNG as well as the challenge. I led the music, which was a little difficult to do with a cold and 8 am in the morning, but I was encouraged overall by how loud the kids sang. We also had some crafts, and I helped with the shirt decorating craft. It was messy, but as you can see, the kids did a fabulous job.

After SEW, I had signed up for a ladies' retreat connected with the church I've been attending here. I would like to say that I had a great time, met tons of people, was able to talk to them (in Spanish), and 100% understood the speaker, but that isn't exactly the case. I will say I enjoyed what I could go to and learned a lot of Spanish, but I may have bitten off more than I could chew! I was able to meet a few women that go to my church. I was more blessed by the few women I met that knew English, just by way of being able to have good conversations. I met a sweet teen that lived in the states for a while, and I was so encouraged by her testimony! Her and her mom were at the retreat and trying to live out godly lives with a father and husband that is antagonistic to Christianity. Seeing her faith was a huge blessing to me. There were a few other women I met and heard their life stories that I can't repeat here, but overall that was my favorite part.

The speaker at the conference helped me learn lots of new Spanish words!
Here is the church I've been attending here: Capilla Calvario.
After recuperating from the retreat, I was pretty desperate to go grocery shopping (my weakness in life). I thought you might like to see and hear what shopping is like for me right now. The closest grocery store is about a 15 minute walk away. Not bad, right? Except for when trying to carry a bunch of groceries home! So this week I buckled down and bought a cart to carry bags in, which is so much easier than trying to carry 4 or 5 big bags on my back.

My update for my classroom is more of what I'm anticipating for after break. I have made a THINK chart, and my students and I are excited to start it! Or...maybe just me, but new things are always fun at first. My goal with the THINK chart is to keep my students accountable to know my expectations in the classroom, but also to keep me accountable to make sure that I'm following through with  my expectations. I'm praying it helps our class run smoother!

My roommate and our guest on our supper
The rest of the break has been spent going on adventures and trying some amazing new food. Tuesday was day of prayer, and then for lunch I was able to meet with one of the ladies here to discuss starting a girls Bible Study with the high school. I'm so excited to be involved with this, and can't wait to start! (I am missing my teen girls back in Maine). On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had one of the BI students staying with us, and it was fun having someone younger and more energized around! We all walked to a restaurant for supper, which cost about 5 dollars for 3 people to eat amazingly yummy and big meals! Wednesday, my roommate and I got to go out with our neighbors down stairs, and we had some really nice fellowship and fun adventures. Today, we are heading downtown to see the fireworks and celebrate the Mexican Independence day. There is also a baby shower, birthday party, and game night coming up for the next few days. By the time I get back to school, I'll be thankful to slow down with work! This is a pretty fun week.
It was a beautiful night!! The weather recently has been so beautiful.

One of the things that my heart has been missing and wanting is my church back home. It is that time of year that I've been getting a steady flow of mail from people in my church. I cannot express to you all how much I miss you and love your advice that you send me. Your prayers mean so much, and the fact that a lot of the older generation has figured out how to read my blog makes me so happy! I'm thankful for such a wise, older generation that I have to look up to and imitate.

To wrap up this post, I have been really loving and enjoying life here! I joke that this is really suffering for the Lord, though I feel so blessed by the missionaries here and the relationships that I'm building. God has been doing a work in my life recently, just through searching Him out and searching for His will, and I have been reminded of the verse Psalm 37:4. "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." I have a lot of things that I am wanting to pursue right now, and I have found peace and comfort in realizing that my main desire needs to be delighting in the Lord. I'm just so thankful for His relationship and love that He died to give to me.


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