Classroom Update

Things have been going so well at school! My kids are such a blessing to me. They are extremely funny, but they are also tender hearted. It means so much to have my kids want to talk and learn and laugh with me. School has been so busy, but I try to take time for those little conversations that happen within a day, because they encourage me more than anything! I have created a “party jar”, which the class has to work as a team to earn cotton balls in (I haven’t been able to find any pom poms here). When the jar is full of cotton balls, CLASS PARTY! It started off with a bang, and students will probably be earning us a class party in about 2 weeks. Can't wait!
Here is the stop light, and we seem to really like it so far.

I just love seeing these type of journal entries! This one
made an impression on. She wrote on what grace
means to her, and this is her picture she drew
with her entry.
The other thing that I created (with the help of my students) was this stop light with magnetic lights to change out. It is meant to help students stay aware of their noise level. Today when my students were talking at a point they really should not have been talking, I stood up and was in the middle of my reminder when they all started pointing to the stop light…it did not have the red light up! I had to laugh, because apparently it was my fault that they were talking. I put up the red light, and we could have heard a pin drop. Who knew following a red light could be so fun! Most people I know wish they could run red lights.
My students each made a hand flower
with their favorite verse and
things are thankful for on each hand.

The first few weeks have been hectic for everyone, and we have all felt it. One of my students broke his writing hand, another student is leaving for a few days to visit family, and to top it off, we have all passed around a nasty cold, which I was last to get. This week is SEW (Spiritual Enrichment Week), which adds a fun, new schedule for us. I will be leading music the next three days during the services. All this to say, next week is a week of vacation, and we are ALL looking forward to it. Perfect timing for a rejuvenating break for us all. 

Here is a volcano one of my students made to go
along with science. We also made lemon
volcanoes, which were quite exciting.
On a more personal note, I have really been enjoying studying Spanish, and I keep getting glimmers of hope when I understand things. I am busy learning on the app Duolingo, which I have loved! I basically work on the app for about 30 minutes a day. I also have been listening to Christian Spanish music, which helps me learn Spanish pronunciations. I have sent a few, very small, Spanish emails back and forth with my Aunt Vicki in South Africa too! I love the practice, but I probably need to find someone closer to start practicing with. This weekend, I am attending a ladies’ retreat with the church I am attending here, and I’m excited to practice my Spanish and hopefully get to meet more people there.

And they are growing nicely,
now that I have planted them.
Dark chocolate
avocado cake
My lemon seeds actually
sprouted :D
In my spare time, I’ve been enjoying experimenting in the kitchen. My favorite end result so far has been dark chocolate/avocado cake! I never would have guessed it, but the avocado kept the cake so moist and delicious. I also have been trying to plant a lemon tree and grow some mint. I plan to eventually let my kids take over as we study plants.

Thank you all for your prayers! I have been getting the most encouraging letters, texts, and emails. I am one blessed girl, and I am just so thankful for the people in my life right now. 


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