Day of Remembrance

Just a year ago now, I lost 3 of my grandparents within about a 3-month time frame, and today I’m celebrating my birthday without my birthday buddy, Cherish, who has been in heaven for 11 years now. Time is weird. On one hand, it feels like it has been an eternity without these loved ones. On the other hand, it feels like just yesterday I was with them and talking with them.

I miss them all so much. Cherish would be turning 13 this year! That was the age I was turning when she was born! I remember getting that phone call in the principal’s office like it was yesterday. I credit a lot of who I am to my grandparents, all of whom showed me how to live out a Christian life through some of the most difficult life circumstances. A year ago today was the final stretch for my Grandfather Huntress. Thankful he is in heaven with Grammy now.

I’m so thankful for their lives. I’m thankful for the time we had together. I’m thankful for the impact that God let them all make on my life, and I really am looking forward to seeing them all again someday in heaven.

Basically, I can credit my love for my family, high value of relationships, need for community, love for kids, and my walk with the Lord to these peoples’ testimonies. That basically sums up who I am and what is important to me.

I don’t always understand the “why?” behind circumstances, but the older I have gotten the more I have complete faith in the fact that God’s plan is ultimately good, and He knows what He’s doing.

Grammy and Grampy Cocoa

Cherish Faith :) So pretty! 

Grandpa Wendell 


  1. Last year is a year that I would rather have forgotten. But your post reminded me that there are so many positives in their lives to focus on. On the other hand, I have mostly focused on the negative. Thank you for the reminder of where I should keep my focus...always on God, and never on myself.


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