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Spirit Week

In retrospect, it would have been a good idea to announce at the beginning of the week to not try on anyone else's costume or props during Spirit Week. Honestly, I just did not foresee the panic I would feel during a 20 minute struggle of getting a stuck football helmet off someone's head.


I just finished reading the book Priceless by Joel and Luke Smallbone from For King and Country, and I just want to start by suggesting it as a good book to read if you are in between books. Apparently there is also a movie out now for this book, which I have not seen…yet.
The main character in the book is struggling, but God is at work in his struggles. One of the themes of the book is one my favorite themes of life; God’s plan for our lives includes some of the most painful circumstances to bring about opportunities to share His message.
The most powerful theme in the story is taking a look into the value of people in God’s eyes versus man’s eyes. Instead of focusing on God’s view, the authors delve into the antithesis of God’s view by looking into some of the darkest moments of humanity: human trafficking.
By looking at the antithesis of God’s view, the reader begins to not only clearly see God’s plan in contrast, but begins to CRAVE experiencing God’s love and seeing others th…


For those teachers still in school, take an art class! I draw diagrams, timelines, maps, organizational charts, people, and random events every single day to aid my visual learners. Apparently, visual learners would prefer their teachers to have a degree in teaching AND art (at least that's what the confused faces imply).


If you plan an object lesson involving a giant heart, make sure your heart is perfectly symmetrical if you want your kids to take it seriously. Apparently, a crooked heart is too distracting from the main point. 

Ice Packs

Every new teacher should be told to buy a few of their very own, classy ice packs. Apparently, an ice cube in a garbage bag is not viewed very optimistically by students.

Quarter 1 Update

Well, I think I’m finally coming out of the doldrums of celebrating my birthday without my family. I don’t think I realized it would bother me so much, but, as always, life goes on! Or more like, life goes gone. I feel like time is flying by at the moment, and an update is very much overdue. At school, my class and I have been working hard the past few weeks to wrap up our first quarter of grades…panic! I have been challenging and already prepping my students to be thinking towards their future GPA even though their grades currently do not affect them. I want to challenge them to use this time as practice and as a learning time of how to increase self-control to study and be creating goals for grades. Overall, I am just thrilled with their improvement! In a way, this year is like a trial and error year for them to find out how their brain and personality works together to learn and take tests. I’m starting them off young, but I see so much potential. Also, self-control in the area of …