I just finished reading the book Priceless by Joel and Luke Smallbone from For King and Country, and I just want to start by suggesting it as a good book to read if you are in between books. Apparently there is also a movie out now for this book, which I have not seen…yet.

The main character in the book is struggling, but God is at work in his struggles. One of the themes of the book is one my favorite themes of life; God’s plan for our lives includes some of the most painful circumstances to bring about opportunities to share His message.

The most powerful theme in the story is taking a look into the value of people in God’s eyes versus man’s eyes. Instead of focusing on God’s view, the authors delve into the antithesis of God’s view by looking into some of the darkest moments of humanity: human trafficking.

By looking at the antithesis of God’s view, the reader begins to not only clearly see God’s plan in contrast, but begins to CRAVE experiencing God’s love and seeing others the way that God sees them. The book focuses mainly on the value of women in God’s eyes versus man’s eyes.

There are two thoughts that burned on my heart as I read this book. The first is a little personal. I grew up with an amazing father that made sure my sister and I knew we were beautiful and worth far more than we could imagine. Settling for being mistreated or devaluing myself to get attention honestly never even crossed my mind until I watched other people do that. I’m very thankful for that, but I don’t see most girls in that position. One of my favorite parts of ministry is discipling teen girls, and there are times where I become so confused. Why are they trying to get attention that devalues their personality? Why are they putting up with friendships and relationships with guys that clearly do not respect them as made in God’s image? Why do they try to look like the world instead of a daughter of the KING? This book gave me some insight, and I love how the protagonist turned his experience into a MINISTRY. That is how ministry is supposed to be made. God gave him experience in a certain area, and he used it to reach as many girls as possible to help them see the world how God meant it to be.

The second thought that came to me came from my experience in the classroom. This is only my second year of teaching, but the honeymoon period (you know…kids are so cute and sweet and innocent and perfect) ended sometime within the first few weeks of teaching. Some of the most unkind things I have witnessed have come from kids. They show their feelings on their sleeve, so if they dislike someone, everyone is going to know it and there will probably be a fight of some kind. As their teacher I am glad they are so transparent, because it gives me the opportunity to address it. Reading through this book, obviously I do not see the extremes that were talked about in my class, but at times I do see the same worldview of “people are replaceable” in my kids. I took time this week to address it a little bit. We looked at worldview as a scale, and I wanted my kids to know that if they treat people as if they are replaceable, that means they are on the same side of the scale as the antithesis of God’s worldview. By making fun of one of their classmates, they were unintentionally giving their approval with the worldview of some of the most wicked people out there! Our actions choose a side, and we have to be careful to make sure we are siding with God and adopting His worldview. Don’t give into a momentary feeling of frustration and side with wickedness. No, keep the big picture in mind.

The picture that people are PRICELESS and hold something of God’s image in them!

I suggest reading the book. It will hopefully re-light a fire in you to communicate a Biblical worldview of people’s worth to them and others. 


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