Quarter 1 Update

My birthday celebration :) 
            Well, I think I’m finally coming out of the doldrums of celebrating my birthday without my family. I don’t think I realized it would bother me so much, but, as always, life goes on! Or more like, life goes gone. I feel like time is flying by at the moment, and an update is very much overdue.
            At school, my class and I have been working hard the past few weeks to wrap up our first quarter of grades…panic! I have been challenging and already prepping my students to be thinking towards their future GPA even though their grades currently do not affect them. I want to challenge them to use this time as practice and as a learning time of how to increase self-control to study and be creating goals for grades. Overall, I am just thrilled with their improvement! In a way, this year is like a trial and error year for them to find out how their brain and personality works together to learn and take tests. I’m starting them off young, but I see so much potential. Also, self-control in the area of making time for school before fun is something that I wish I could have learned before junior high, where I felt like they dropped a bomb on my normal routine of life.
            In other news, one of the missionaries and I began the high school girls’ Bible study group in my apartment last Thursday. I cannot express my excitement to really get to know these girls and study God’s Word together. As with everything recently, it makes me homesick for my girls’ group back in Maine! I’ll try to add updates on how our time goes, and if you think of it please be praying for our group to really connect and be able to not only learn a lot but also reach out to others with what we learn.
To wrap up this post, on Friday afternoon I had my 3 girls from my class over for a fun “girls night in” party. It was so much fun! I remember when I was in 5th grade my teacher had all of the girls over to her apartment. There were a lot more than 3 of us, and I never realized how awesome she was for having us over. I remember we played some game where I had to squeeze myself into a dryer machine. I don’t remember many more details, other than the fact that I LOVED it. As I’ve been trying to get to know my girls better this year, the idea came to me to pass on the fun evening.
We first sang songs, with my not so great sight-reading on the piano. Apparently, I need to start practicing more again. These 3 particular girls have such beautiful voices and really seem to love music! Next, we all cooked our very own individualized pizza. Considering how hungry we were, it seemed to take a long time, but I was extremely impressed with my girls’ cooking abilities. At that age my cooking skills were limited to curly soup (Ramen Noodle). One of them made a pizza in the shape of a cat head; another made it in the shape of a heart; and the last made a circular pizza and then rolled it up to be a pizza burrito. My pizza, on the other hand, was very boring. It was round with normally placed pepperonis: your average day pizza. My roommate, Connie, graciously joined in and also got to cook a pizza, so we had a pretty fun group. We got to pick some fresh tomatoes off of the vine to add to our pizzas, which made the whole endeavor healthy…. We wrapped up our fun night with a quick nail party, where we painted our nails a few times before we found the right color. Their nails looked very stylish! Mine show off my homesickness. I painted them the color of autumn foliage, and my friend Kate updated me that now I can at least enjoy my toeliage while I miss Maine’s foliage.
Overall, it’s been a busy month, and I’m looking forward to parent/teacher conferences and then family fun day coming up in just 2 weeks! I’m hoping that will be a fun update to write, and hopefully I’ll have gained some of my tan back with a solid day of outside games in the sun.

Above are the pumpkin emojis we made to decorate for fall, and then our Challah bread that we ate as we celebrated and learned more about the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah. 


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