Into the Mountains

This past week has been a vacation week from school, so my roommate and I were excited for the opportunity to explore Mexico a little further, strengthen some friendships, and learn more about the culture.

Part of our drive towards Cuautemoc.
On Monday, a small group from the school went up to Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, a small town west of the school. Really, the most exciting part about the short trip was the drive! The drivers took the back roads up through some mountains, and I cannot describe how beautiful! I never get tired of seeing mountains. Further past the mountains, we entered Mennonite country. The diversity of the landscape is amazing. After crossing some mountains and desert, we entered into a valley that felt like farm country in Pennsylvania. The entire day was so much fun, and I learned a lot more about the Mennonite migration into Mexico and how that has affected Mexican culture.

Wednesday was the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. For at least here in Chihuahua, the holiday felt very similar to the American Memorial Day. We visited something similar to a carnival, and we got the chance to visit one of the older cemeteries in the area. Hundreds of people flocked to their family’s burial plots with flowers, crosses, and brooms to clean/decorate their family members’ gravesites. I think even more people wait to go at a quieter time, but when we went the area was full of flower shops and remembrance opportunities. 

Notice the broom and flowers. I felt a little out
of place without them. :)

Our final trip for this break was a little bit longer. We left Thursday morning to head even further up into the mountains to the small village, Caborachi. We were able to visit a missionary couple there who has been ministering to the Tarahumara people for around 30 years. We were able to attend a Bible study and ladies’ group Bible study while there, and I am so filled with thankfulness after seeing the work God has been doing there! There is a church now with about 60 believing adults attending. There are still many there that need to accept the Lord, but it was such a joyful opportunity for me to see how the missionary couple there reached out and ministered!

Here is the church in Caborachi, which has
about 60 adult believers and a lot
more kids!
I have always respected missionaries who give up their lives in order to spread the name of Christ. My heart was just so overwhelmed by meeting and getting to know this particular couple. They live far away from any of their children, grandchildren, parents, and other family. They have given up their culture and much of their comforts. They are extremely intelligent and gifted people, yet they choose to live in a mountain of Mexico with little to no reward or glory that the world strives for so desperately. Yet, they are the winners! They are the ones with the joy of the Lord as their strength. They have lived and hurt there, yet they still love the people and desire to reach more. That is a calling beyond any other. Not everyone is called into that life, but it is a vital part of the body of Christ that sometimes we forget to pray for and support.

Here is Caborachi :) 
This morning in church, the pastor was speaking about the rich man found in Matthew 19. He was so resistant to give up what he had to follow Christ. He obviously was very proud, thinking he had perfectly followed every law out there, yet he was looking for that last thing he could DO to get to heaven. When Christ responded to sell everything and follow him, he decided eternal life was not as important as his wealth and social status! I thought of the missionary couple that I just spent the past few days with in Caborachi. They gave up literally everything to follow Christ. I’m so thankful for their example, and though God does not call everyone to give up everything to follow Christ, He does ask that we all give up something to follow Him. What should we give up to follow Christ? Video games? TV? Education? Status? Friends? Style? Whatever is keeping you from following Christ, give it away. I don’t want to be like the rich man, who valued his things and status over eternal life and a relationship with Jesus. I’m so thankful that the Lord connected this morning's message to what He has been teaching me this week. Know that I have my own things that I am deciding to give up this week, and I pray that you’ll join me to follow Christ.

We started off with a Bible study at one of the
houses of the believers.

It may look pretty, but I cannot explain to
you the stress their roads caused me.
I jumped out to direct Kathleen through some pretty
deep potholes and big rocks.
We were all praying for her car to survive!
From left to right: me, Lauren (who we were visiting),
Kathleen (who kindly drove us), and Connie (my roommate).

Here is the house that the Tony and Lauren built in Caborachi. 

Let's end with the sunset over Caborachi! So beautiful :)
This has been such a blessed week, and I am SO excited to get back in the classroom with my kids and tell them all about it! I have prayed for them all week, and find myself waking up at all hours of the night to brainstorm new ideas and things to teach them.


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