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Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

Recently, I have been meditating on Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem found in Matthew 21. The part I have been thinking about is the crowd. How easy it is jump on ship with God and His plan when times are easy or look good! The crowd, in the excitement of the moment, worshipped and praised Jesus as he entered Jerusalem on a small donkey, fulfilling prophecy. Yet that same crowd would turn on Jesus not that long later and tell Pilate to free Barabbas and crucify Jesus. What happened from chapter 21 to chapter 27? The crowd seemed to be missing the big picture of God’s plan, as they were trying to force Him to fit their own plan.
Most of that crowd praised Jesus because of what He could potentially do for them: free them from Rome, heal their sick, or put the corrupt Pharisees in their place. Most of them were not praising Jesus for who He was or for His power to connect them to God the Father. If they had truly understood why Jesus deserved their praise, they most likely would no…

Wrapping up for Christmas

It is so hard to believe that Christmas break is coming up so fast! Just one more week before break begins, and I get to see my family again. I’m so excited to go home, yet I consistently find myself getting emotional about leaving my students. This small break makes me look towards the end of the year. I’ve never been that good at saying goodbye no matter where I’m leaving, and I’m already preparing myself.

I have my class filling out a “shopping list” for me to get over break. One of the things I have on the list is high heels. I’ve pretty successfully been able to wear flats up till a few weeks ago and still be taller than my students, but I’m starting to notice about half of them are going to be taller than me very shortly! I get so excited to see them growing: physically, emotionally, spiritually, academically.
Here are some quotes from my students. I asked them a few days ago what they felt has been the most valuable thing that they have learned since the beginning of this schoo…

Pretend Plans