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Do Hard Things

Since returning back to Mexico, life has felt a little like running up hill, which tends to leave me ready to collapse all day Saturday to catch my breath! Getting back to my class has been the best part about returning. It is always really difficult to leave my family, though it was difficult leaving my class before break too. Leaving in general is just hard! But the good part about leaving versus being left is that you are going to something, and in this case that was my class. These beginning weeks have been full of laughs and catch up times.
On a more serious note, in the short time since returning to Mexico a good friend of mine passed away suddenly, and my great uncle passed away after a long time sickness. It is hard being here during times like this that I want to be with my friends and family. As everything, the pain is affecting my teaching. People are important. Each student is a soul, with a family, and future. My life experience makes me feel determined that each one of …