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Being thankful for people is a game changer in relationships.
The antonym for being thankful for someone would be taking that person for granted.
Warning: personal/ridiculous story about to come from my very distant past.
When I was about 5 or 6 years old, during one of the cold months (pre my understanding of the calendar), my sister and I had a massive fight. Not exactly a shocking experience. Anyone who knew us at that point will probably snicker, or maybe grimace.
She was an over attentive, bossy take charge type, and I was that annoyingly stubborn, lazy daydreamer type. We rarely agreed on anything, and when we did we would agree so forcefully/loudly that we still got in trouble for fighting.
Anyway, back to my story. I don’t remember the exact events or what was fought over. I just remember a quick conversation with my grandmother over the situation. My parents were out on a romantic date, and my grandmother was watching us. The conversation happened in her house in Rochest…

Building Bridges

The backdrop of Leviticus is explaining purity from God’s perspective to a very impure and rebellious group of people. It lays out the Jewish laws for two types of purity: moral and ritual. Reading through the chapters on ritual purity can feel laborious since they symbolize something that has already been completed, Christ’s blood being spilt and therefore purifying us and cleansing our sins. There are also sections on moral purity though, which points to God’s heart on how we should be living day to day versus a future cleansing of our sins.
In the middle of Leviticus 19 there is a section on loving your neighbor as yourself. As we’ve already seen in the New Testament (Matthew 22:36-40), of the 613 laws recorded by Moses, Jesus declared that loving our neighbor as ourselves is second only to loving God with our entire being. As I was reading this chapter in my devotions yesterday, this section stood out to me since this was the law and portion of Scripture He was referring to.
First …