Of Maps and Models

I wish there were a map for life. Wait…what am I saying? Let’s bypass the map; I want a GPS…on my phone with a posh woman’s voice telling me exactly where to go well in advance before any big changes... in complete sentences.

“In 2 weeks sign up to teach that kick boxing class.”

“Do not buy the ice cream. Go to the gym.” 

“Go on that date with Kurt! And do not talk about galloping down hallways.”

Unfortunately, no such GPS exists. I seriously would like at least a map. We all respond differently to searching for direction.

Option 1: make your own map. From my experience, this never works. Life rarely works with our plans, and even if it did, the self-control needed to follow a self-made map is similar to eating healthy all the time. Cringe.

Option 2: try life with no map and no direction. Yeah, this is a bad idea. You know…go wherever the wind blows you: for example, college, dream job, and your parent’s basement.

Option 3: follow someone else’s map. There is some wisdom in modeling our lives after godly examples, but it still isn’t ours. Success is different for everyone, and who really wants to be a replica?

Option 4: let God direct you using an invisible map. I use the word invisible here because there is a map, but we don’t get to see it. God’s Word is like a lamp to guide us through the darkness, and that doesn’t allow us much foresight into His plan. Thankfully the Holy Spirit can guide and direct each step.

Why I’m talking about this in my Relationally Speaking series is because recently I’ve had the word longevity floating around in my brain.

It doesn’t matter how big a tree is, if the integrity of a tree’s structure has been compromised, it will most likely come down in the next big storm. That can be caused by rot, bugs, or maybe George Washington with his axe.

Similarly, the longevity of our relationships is very much so based on the integrity of our hearts. Hypocrisy, bitterness, addiction, and so many other traps can compromise our integrity, which hurts the longevity of our relationships and ultimately success in our lives.

Integrity only happens with option 4, when we allow the Holy Spirit to take over and balance the integrity of the heart with the intent of our words. The Holy Spirit is our GPS in a way, and we only hear and follow Him as we grow in our relationship with Him. 

Though I mean, I still would love a GPS app on my phone. The less ambiguity the better!


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