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Love is not made up of good moments; love is made of commitments and decisions, which end up becoming a source for good moments. 
If love were made up of just moments, it would basically have to be a scale, weighing a relationship’s good moments against its bad moments to measure if it were love or not. I’m thankful that isn’t true love, considering the bad moments in general are so much heavier than the good moments, even if they are far and few between. 
No one has committed more into our lives than God! I was dwelling on His level of commitment last night (His death, His life, all of eternity), and it has resulted into an outpouring of good moments filled with so much joy and love for Him today.
We cannot measure God’s love for us by moments that we feel loved, because that changes from moment to moment. We know His love based on His eternal commitment to our redemption, and He knows our love for Him by our life's commitment to Him. That type of commitment produces moments of …


This blog has been a really healthy part of my growth over the past year. I was discussing with a friend recently how blogging has helped me, and it has made me very thankful that I actually started it. I was wary about writing on a blog.
Output is a big part of learning. In school there are phases with heavy amounts of input (reading, lectures, attending vast amounts of performances…), and with each phase of input there needs to be a phase of output to match. The form of output depends on content. For instance, for music, output would be performances. For sports, it would be games/competitions. For art, it would be a senior show. For many Bachelor of Arts programs, output often looks like a lot of very long papers or speeches. If you are pursuing your doctorate, you basically have to write a book.
Output has a few purposes.
1. It helps the individual digest, organize, and apply input practically to life. Basically, if we have tons of input and no output, that input may never solid…