Love is not made up of good moments; love is made of commitments and decisions, which end up becoming a source for good moments. 

If love were made up of just moments, it would basically have to be a scale, weighing a relationship’s good moments against its bad moments to measure if it were love or not. I’m thankful that isn’t true love, considering the bad moments in general are so much heavier than the good moments, even if they are far and few between. 

No one has committed more into our lives than God! I was dwelling on His level of commitment last night (His death, His life, all of eternity), and it has resulted into an outpouring of good moments filled with so much joy and love for Him today.

We cannot measure God’s love for us by moments that we feel loved, because that changes from moment to moment. We know His love based on His eternal commitment to our redemption, and He knows our love for Him by our life's commitment to Him. That type of commitment produces moments of feeling completely loved and in love.

It makes me think of David dancing for God in a moment of completely being lost in His love, which of course became an infamous moment when his wife, Michal, became angry with him. I’m not sure why she was angry. It is implied that she was angry at his immodesty or lack of kingliness because his robe apparently was not made for vigorous dancing. Though I am a girl, so I can say pretty confidently that I’m sure that was not the only reason she was angry. Is there ever just one reason???

It would make sense that she was looking for reasons to be angry with him in that moment, because that could be a moment of complete jealousy, considering David probably had never expressed that much love for her. That type of love is what marriage was created to mimic. Marriage itself was created to direct the world to the relationship between Christ and the church; so literally, marriage is mimicking the relationship we have with Christ, which would explain why most people long for marriage, not realizing they are longing for Christ.

First of all, I want more moments like David’s! Of course this is one reason to dress extra modest to plan ahead for moments like this to avoid the issue David experienced…. Haha, sorry, this is probably a bad forum to be snarky on, but that was a hard one to pass over. My point being that those moments of passion are born from commitment. There was a reason why David was having the moment and not Michal. David had committed himself to God and knew God had committed Himself to David, which of course we benefit quite a bit from in the Psalms. That was a form of commitment that Michal most likely didn’t understand, considering she seemed to be struggling to commit herself to her marriage let alone to God.

Secondly, committing to God affects our commitment to others. Michal’s lack of commitment to God is probably why she was struggling in her relationship with David. To those who are committed to God, seeing that same commitment in others can become one of the most attractive characteristics about them, not a point of anger or jealousy. No matter what the type of relationship (family member, marriage, friend), it will grow stronger when both parties are committed to and in love with God.

Paul is an amazing example of how commitment to God leads to moments of pure joy and love, no matter what circumstances come. He was known to be singing while chained in prison. People don’t sing when they are in despair. Singing itself is a way to communicate feeling, meaning Paul was experiencing that same love and joy that David experienced, just Paul was beaten and chained.

I am definitely a “moment” person in that I love good moments and struggle when they don’t come. Thankfully, my relationship with God is not based off of good moments but rather on decisions of commitment. I’m also thankful that He gives those amazingly good moments of love and joy (even during darker phases of life) to those who focus on His commitment to them and their commitment to Him.

I am currently struggling and wearied by life, yet in my thankfulness journal, day after day I keep recording how thankful I am for the passion, joy, and love moments that God keeps providing. That is absolutely amazing to me, and I am so in love with God for creating relationships that are so rewarding!


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