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Thinking about change fascinates me. Change in and of itself actually does not make sense to me. How does it happen? How do some people change a lot in their lifetime, and others stay the same? How do you get it to happen if you want it to happen? Is it something that can be done, or is it something that just happens in its own time?
My thinking patterns usually find a way to circle back to trying to figure out the concept of change, because it connects with almost everything in life. I wish I could figure out the answer to how to control the concept of change.
When people want to change things going on in the government, their only chance to make a change is a vote. I realize the importance and the power behind voting, but still, it is not guaranteed to bring about the change that you as the voters want.
When you want to change cultural norms, how do we make that change when the entire culture is already comfortable with current events? How do we convince an entire culture things c…