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Back to Boston

I like the city. I like how the city has good restaurants and existing public transportation (like subways and Ubers). I also like how the city usually has an economy that makes being young possible, meaning there are more options for jobs, apartments, and minimalistic lifestyles.

I also like the country. I like being around water, fishing, and hiking. I like the scenery and slowness involved with living in the middle of nowhere. There are even times I like having to drive an hour to get anywhere, because that is some of my most valuable alone time for me to think, pray, or listen to some type of audio.

It is very possible to like opposing things, and I find this annoying. When in the country, I miss the city (especially the restaurants). When I am in the city, I miss the country (especially lakes). Make up your mind, Ariel!

Currently I am here visiting my dad in the VA hospital, and I am just enjoying this hospital and the memories. He is on the same exact floor/wing that he was on a…

Stay Near to Me

This is a more difficult topic for me, because it involves a lot of personal, ongoing grief. No earthly relationship is permanent. They all end, and I find that very difficult to digest. 
I have been focusing the past year or so on how to build strong relationships, investing the type of time, energy, and purpose to encourage godly, lasting, and rewarding relationships.
I still think quite a bit about a couple my family came in contact with 21 or so years ago. They were engaged and very in love, and during a moment of showing off for his fiancĂ©, my dad’s hospital roommate performed an air flip, changing his life when he landed on his head and broke his neck. The worst part about this story in my 7-year-old mind was when I heard that the man decided they could no longer get married and his fiancĂ© agreed. Loving a person is a lot more than physical aptitude, and actual love does not just stop because of an accident. I do understand though that without a deeper well of love to draw from…

Dealing with Rejection

Rejection is weird. I sometimes wonder if it exists in this fallen world so we can understand how God feels when we reject Him. Recently, I have been reminiscing over times that I have experienced rejection, trying to see more clearly how it still affects my daily life.
Remembering back to college, I remember some funny advice from one of my professors. Technically he was speaking to the guys in the room, but I think his actual point can be universally accepted by everyone for different reasons.
“Guys, don’t be afraid to ask a girl out because she might say no. If she says no, don’t forget there are hundreds of girls on this campus. Cross her of the list and ask someone else out. If she then says no, cross her off the list and ask another girl out. Eventually someone is going to say yes!”
He was being a little facetious on dating (at least I hope he was), and by no means do I think that is a good plan of action to find a life partner, but his point was philosophically based off of how…


Back in high school I managed to surprise everyone, including myself, by joining a play cast for a huge event at the end of my junior year. I do not remember what the play was, I just remember it was a murder mystery, and I was the unlikely murderer. I thought that was kind of funny at the time. I was an old, sweet lady, all the while knowing I was the murderer.
After the play was over, life returned back to normal. I was sitting in chemistry class, panicking about the final, when the kid in front of me turned around and spoke to me. We had never spoken, but we still knew each other because we had been in the same class since middle school.
“Hey. You were pretty good in that play last night. I heard you were in it, and I was like, ‘Who’s that?’ Then I was like, ‘Does she even talk?’ Then I wondered if the play would be lame. But it wasn’t. I never would have guessed it was you.”
I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment, insult, or conversation starter, but I grimaced and…