Back to Boston

I like the city. I like how the city has good restaurants and existing public transportation (like subways and Ubers). I also like how the city usually has an economy that makes being young possible, meaning there are more options for jobs, apartments, and minimalistic lifestyles.

I also like the country. I like being around water, fishing, and hiking. I like the scenery and slowness involved with living in the middle of nowhere. There are even times I like having to drive an hour to get anywhere, because that is some of my most valuable alone time for me to think, pray, or listen to some type of audio.

It is very possible to like opposing things, and I find this annoying. When in the country, I miss the city (especially the restaurants). When I am in the city, I miss the country (especially lakes). Make up your mind, Ariel!

Currently I am here visiting my dad in the VA hospital, and I am just enjoying this hospital and the memories. He is on the same exact floor/wing that he was on after his initial injury almost 21 years ago. I was 6 at the time, so my clearest memory and flashbacks come from the route from his floor to the cafeteria. If I remember correctly, my sister and I were allowed to go there by ourselves to eat jello. Neither one of us like jello, but we loved the adventure of being on our own.

I brought my guitar per request to help make the days here a little less boring. My dad videoed us singing a song and posted it on his blog, which is cool. Though I love singing with him, finding a key to fit his deep voice is a struggle for my voice range and vice versa. Too bad he didn't video one of the songs that my voice could actually hit all the notes! 😆


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